Monday, June 13, 2011

And What Would You Like On Your Turkey Sandwich?

We have all been asked this question before, correct? It is lunch time, and you are downtown and maybe decide to stop at Newman’s Deli or Michael’s Deli for a sandwich. After careful consideration of THE ENTIRE mouth-watering menu, you decide on a turkey sandwich (or roast beef or salami, or whatever you like). You go up and put in your order and the young lady behind the counter asks what type of bread you would like it on, then what type of cheese you want on it, then if you would like it cold or toasted. You fire off answers as we all know EXACTLY how we prefer our favorite lunchtime sandwich.

Next, the young lady scoots the sandwich down the line and she asks what else you would like on your sandwich. You fire off a line of veggies and toppings - Lettuce, tomato, sprouts, mustard, salt, pepper, vinegar and oil.
Finally you watch, mouth wateringly, as your masterpiece is being completed. The top bun is put on and it is artistically cut in half at a perfect 45 degree angle. You can’t wait to take that first bite of the perfection that was just created in front of your eyes.

Everyone knows the exact makeup of their favorite sandwich, right? In fact if I threw out the name of 4 or 5 restaurants like say, Newman’s Deli, The Blind Onion, IHOP, Peg’s Eggs and Silver Peak, you could probably tell me EXACTLY what you order every time you go to each establishment.

Let’s keep that in mind when I ask you this next question. What does HEALTHY mean to you? I would guess that at least ¾ of you that are reading this, just had to pause because you could not reel off exactly what you like on your “turkey sandwich” in this case. Does healthy mean working out 3 times a week? Does it mean staying at such and such a body weight? Does it mean being able to feel great and live life to the fullest every single day? Does it mean being able to run a 5K every year? Does it mean being able to mow the lawn without having to be laid up on the couch for 3 days afterwards?

You see in this case, you can choose to put whatever you want on your “turkey sandwich,” just the same as when you order one for lunch. The key is knowing exactly what you want and STICKING TO THOSE CHOICES. So, let’s put ourselves back in the deli. It is lunch time and you just had the most stressful morning of which started at 3AM today, because your child woke up crying and after getting her back to bed, you rushed to the gym to get a workout in at 5AM. You know you can’t go after work, time does not allow it. You can’t wait to just sit and enjoy this sandwich. You sit, take a big bite and almost spit it out. The young lady accidentally put mayo instead of mustard on your sandwich. You HATE mayo! How do you feel –irritated at the lady for messing up? Disappointed that it is not what you had envisioned? Some of both?

Now, do you feel the same way when you are not meeting you health goals (your turkey sandwich in this case). Or do you just say- “Well, I tried” or do you continue to look in the mirror every morning and wish that extra 15 pounds away, then head kitchen for a morning donut.

With this blog, I challenge all of you to sit down and write out EXACTLY what your “turkey sandwich” consists of when it comes to your health. It should have things like ideal body weight, BMI, or body fat %. It will have workouts schedules, and self reflection schedules (“me time”). It should have achievement goals like “run a 5K” or climb Mt Whitney” or “get my black belt”. It has things like “I will get one massage a month” and “I will get adjusted once a month”. Write it down on paper or write it on your bathroom mirror and repeat it to yourself 3 times every day to make it reality. If you are stuck, ask myself or Doctor Amanda to help you. If you want someone to keep you accountable, we will. The idea is to stick to it so that in the end, you can sit down and enjoy your turkey sandwich.