Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas in November List

Here are the details of the family of 4 we adopted through the Children's Cabinet. They are experiencing considerable hardship exacerbated by a recent fire in their home.

Natasha, 1 year old: Clothes (12 months), socks (12 months), crib sheets (pink or white), sippy cups, baby push/walker, any other age appropriate toys, and baby gate.

Samuel, 5 years old: Shirts and pant (size 6/7 boys), Lego's, shoes (size 13 boys), socks (size 13 boys), art supplies (paper, crayons, paints, markers, coloring books, etc.), board games (Sorry, Connect 4), puzzles (Ben 10 or Superheros), any age appropriate books, a new bicycle (18" tires).
He is in kindergarten and LOVES puzzles, he recently completed a 1,000 piece puzzle.

Courtney, Mom: Socks (size 8 women's), bath towels (white or green), any VHS tapes or DVDs (scary movies or Disney movies), vacuum cleaner.

Bruce, Dad: New coat (size 3x in men's), socks (size 12 in men's), shoes (size 12 in men's), PS3 games (Resident Evil 5, Medal of Honor)

Family Wish: Any gift cards to Lowes/ Home Depot to assist w/ home repairs. In March, Bruce's Dad passed away, family moved into a mobile home which is in need of repairs. The family experienced a fire in their home on October 21st and are still living there and working to repair fire damage.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas in November

It's that time of year again! Like last year, we are adopting a family through the Children's Cabinet. From November 1st- December 17th The Back Doctors will be taking cash, clothing, and toy donations to distribute to an under-privileged family in the Reno area.

For any donation equal to or greater than $25.00, the doctors will offer to donate their time and services to any friends or family members who are in need of Chiropractic care.

Donations will quality friends and family to take advantage of a no cost consultation and examination, including X-rays.

The Children's Cabinet will be sending us the family's wish list by this coming Friday, November 5th. As soon as we get the list, we will put it up on the blog. If you would like to make a cash donation, we will use that money to purchase anything that is remaining on the family's list.

This is a great way to donate to a good cause and give the gift of health!